Labii Thrilled In 3ds Stanford


Labii team at Stanford 3DS

onggan Wu pitching at Stanford 3DS

What does a fresh startup go through in a three-month period of time? The Labii team just got a clue from the 3 Day Startup (3DS) program held at Stanford University, May 15-17.

In this 72-hour program designed to help students develop their ideas into entrepreneurial projects, the Labii team got to pitch its idea of the Reference Manager, which was voted as one of the top 3 ideas that are most likely to be successful.

The Reference Manager is an online platform where researchers can rate and comment on papers. The idea "IMDb for Research Papers", inspired by the movie rating system, serves to help authors reflect on their own works and facilitate readers in finding references, evaluating papers and sharing opinions.

During the 3DS program, the Labii team got some hands-on experience doing marketing research among potential users. Team members also had a chance to talk to investors and mentors, who offered valuable insights into how to develop a good business model. On the last day of the program, Labii was selected as one of the four teams to do the final pitch.

Labii is looking forward to similar events in the future that spur innovative actions towards its transformation of the academic life of researchers.

By Zhoujia Li