Labii, Inc. is an American software company headquartered in San Francisco, California that develops and distributes software as a service. We are an early start-up and provide electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and laboratory information management system (LIMS) to biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Generally, we are desired for innovators. The mind that always has new ideas, the pioneers that risk for new approaches.

Benefit to join Labii:

  • Make the big impact.
  • Learn how to start a startup in real-time

Blog Content Writer

Wage $20-$30/Hour
Job Type Part Time

Job Description

Labii is seeking a part-time, remote Blog Content Writer to help us achieve our mission of promoting scientific research. We’re looking for a team player with a passion to change the world with advanced scientific research platform/tools. This position has the opportunity to join Labii Inc. as a full-time employee.

In this position, you will…

  • Create original content that is researched, informative, engaging, and accessible!
  • Audit, refresh, and optimize existing content across multiple blogs
  • Research, collect, summarize, compare the existing materials
  • Update, create documentations for our software tool
  • Create supplemental content such as pictures, charts, tables as needed


  • Have biology background
  • Are passionate about writing
  • English as your first language.

Extra credit if you...

  • Have your own blog
  • Know your way around basic HTML and CSS
  • Have experiences in working at wet lab (biotech)
  • Have experiences in using electronic lab notebook
  • Have marketing skills
  • Know Markdown

How to apply

Send your CV, Linkedin to