Data Analysis


Yes, we are scientists like you and we provide bioinformatics data analysis service as well.

Yes, we do it differently, we wrote code for you, and you can execute it at any time inside your ELN.

Yes, it is much cheaper, you only pay for development and running fee.

And yes, we are awesome. :)

How Does It Work

1) You tell us what functionalities you need (
2) We develop the code and put it into your ELN
3) Click a button to execute when you need the results

graph TB N(New Function)-->C[Coding Requirement] C-->L[Labii development] L-->E[In Labii ELN] S(Existing Function)-->E E-->D[Click a button to get your results]

What It Is Good For

Our approach is good for repetitive tasks. In other words, if you are continually generating certain results, and need a specific process to do plotting/statistical analysis, this is an approach for you.

Why Us

1) Save money: You know you pay the same amount of money to CRO for two different batches of analysis, even they are identical, that is not fair. At Labii, you only pay for the code development for the first time and the CPU/Memory hours for each run (which only cost a few bucks). It will save you thousands of dollars for each analysis.
2) Quick turn around: We will get your running immediately after you click start. Most of the results can be generated in seconds.

How Do You Pay

1) You pay 1-time code development fee
2) You pay CPU running fee for each run (usually it is just a few bucks)

Please contact for a quote.


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