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We were researchers from the Stanford University and now as Labii, stand out to find a solution in documenting scientific notes for ourselves, and hopefully, for the whole biotech/pharmaceutical industry. In the past two years, we have interviewed hundreds of researchers/managers from academic labs and industrial companies to understand their prospect in an electronic lab notebook. With the valuable feedbacks, we formed Labii ELN & LIMS, a cross-disciplinary ELN that could not only document and manage research data easily, but also able to extract metadata and interpret the data to answer scientific questions.

graph LR E["Experiments (ELN)"]--consume-->S(Samples) S--record-->L[LIMS] E--consume-->R(Reagents) R--record-->L E--use-->EP(Equipments) EP--record-->L E--apply-->Protocols

Labii ELN & LIMS helps your company and employees:

1) Generate trustable and repeatable data
2) Promote scientific discovery
3) Double research efficiency
4) Reduce workload in documentation
5) Save time and effort in collecting useful information
6) Maximize the power of data
7) Protect intellectual property
8) Enhance collaboration
9) Comply with regulatory requirements
10) Increase competitive advantage

Generate Trustable And Repeatable Data

More than 50% of research discovery could not be validated by other labs. The major reason is lacking detailed experimental notes. With Labii ELN, your detailed experimental notes can be generated easily and every single change will be tracked automatically.

  • Make your data valuable and reliable
  • Promote scientific discovery

Document Experiment In Minutes

Most of the scientific experiments are repetitive. The experiment templates in Labii ELN enable scientists to create and plan an experiment, record observations, and document final results in minutes.

  • Reduce workload in documentation
  • Increase your employees' research efficiency
  • Document experiment with full details

Advanced Design And Technology

Labii ELN is completely redesigned and applies google material design idea to simply the usage.

  • Minimize the training process
  • Modern and forward-looking
  • Design for the future

Labii Electronic Lab Notebook Desktop View

Comply With Regulatory Requirements

Labii Platform follows the regulation compliance (FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Good Laboratory Practice) strictly. Specifically:

a) The Labii platform and the data generated are hosted in regulated Amazon Web Services (AWS). The data is encrypted and the access is logged and restricted. The software development follows SDLC.
b) Access Control. The accounts are password protected and unauthenticated attempts will be reported.
c) Permission Control. Establish differing levels of authority for organizations and projects. The users can only view the content that been granted.
d) Electronic Signature is provided for both authors and the witness of an experiment.
e) Fraud Detection. Changes to experiment notes, protocols are recorded as different versions. Date can not be deleted.
f) Audit Trails. The changes of records at Labii were tracked, and the user visiting records and activity feeds are also monitored.
g) All data can be exported for agency review. Backups are also available for downloading.
h) Records Retention Support. We promise minimal 5 years data retention.

  • Save time and effort in going through regulation process
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Hand free in keeping your records matching to regulation requirement

Metadata For Data Analysis

It is usually painful and helpless when scientists are trying to curate the metadata from experiment notebook for bioinformatics data analysis, especially from dozens of experiments they did months or years ago.

Labii ELN extracts metadata automatically from your experiments, protocols, and samples in the way your defined and presents them to you whenever you need.

  • Automatic data curation, no more pain
  • Save time and effort in collecting useful information
  • Enable sub-sequential easy and accurate data analysis

Relationalize Research Data

Most of the research data is isolated: It is difficult to tell what is the incubation temperature when looking at the reads of deep sequencing results.

Labii ELN deeply relationalized the research data in any possible way, and enable complicated queries to answer general questions.

  • Maximize the power of data
  • Make research data meaningful
  • Track every action of a sample from the time delivered to the lab to the statistical analysis results

Labii Electronic Lab Notebook Relationalize Research Data

All Data In One Repository

It is common for scientists to put research data here and there: some excel/word documents in personal computer, some observations in a piece of paper, some data in google drive or dropbox. Labii ELN includes LIMS functions and services as a central repository for all your research data.

  • Organize research data
  • Protect intercellular property
  • Reduce the headache in searching previous data
  • Enhance collaboration
graph LR E(ELN)---L(LIMS) Experiments---E Protocols---E Files---E L---Samples L---Reagents L---Equipments

Perform Routine Data Analysis

Bioinformatics data analysis is complicated, but we made it simple. You can do the analysis right within Labii ELN, it is one click away! Learn more at here.

  • Save huge amount of money, no need to hire bioinformatics scientists or outsource.
  • Get results in seconds
  • Perform repetitive data analysis easily

Bank-Level Security

The security of your intellectual property is always our first priority. We encrypted your data, keep tracking of access, add SSL for data transferring, do the daily backup.

  • Your data at our server is safer than keeping the data on your local computer
  • We will sign NDA with you to prevent your data from leaking

Access Your Research Data At Any Time Any Where

Research does not only happen in the laboratory. Often, scientists at the meeting/conferences need to pull out data for presentation. Often, project managers need to check research progress at middle night at home. With Labii ELN, it is as easy as accessing email. Labii platform is also mobile friendly. Access your research data at any time anywhere

Labii Electronic Lab Notebook Mobile View

Increase Your Competitive Advantage

Unlike 10 years ago, now scientific research is all about data. Labii is making every effort to help your organization success by documenting and interpreting research data. Labii can help you secure the competitive advantage.

  • Generate more valuable data
  • Increase competitive advantage
  • Speed up research process
  • Avoid stupid mistakes

Be Helped And Help Others

Labii ELN is come from researchers and build for researchers.

We offer 24/7 support to remove the obstacle of your research activities. We also welcome any input from researchers, either proposals or suggestions to build a better ELN.

  • Your problems can be solved at no time
  • Your contribution can impact future research

Have It In Your Preference

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Easy and quick setup
Best for 50 - 500 users
Dedicated server, no traffic, separated database
Best for 500+ users
Highly secure via store data locally

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